Spinspiration Hoop Troupe Debut

The debut of the Spinspiration Hoop Troupe went great!  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Thank you to the Dutchland Derby Rollers for having us.

Our troop performed during the first half time.  I was counting beats like crazy in my head because the music was sort of quiet at first.  We performed to the song “Counting Each Beat (Human Tonight)” by the Robotboys.  Jenny chose the song as it had a good strong beat and wasn’t too fast.  It also wasn’t too long.  You can see highlights from our performance in Jenny’s video right below.

I’m Rosie, the one in black.  My fellow troupers are Sunny, in yellow, Mossy, in green, and Vixen, in red. 

My mother-in-law Cindy took some photos of me, and some while performing and the others after we had finished.

Courtesy of Cindy

Courtesy of Cindy

The grinning guy in the background is my husband, Sam, who was there with his parents to cheer us on.

This was an awesome experience, and I can’t wait to do it again.  A few us met for dinner afterwards, and Jenny said that coming down off a performance, we probably won’t be able to sleep that night.  She was right, actually.  I was in bed dreaming up new performance ideas for myself.  And I was still coming down from my initial adrenaline rush.

Here I am grinning in a selfie.  I had my hair done earlier that day and a custom rose made for my hair.  I did my makeup myself, and it didn’t look half bad.  I’m still getting glitter off from around my eyes after showering and washing my face a few time!

Jenny’s performance was AWESOME during the second half time.  She did a great multi-hoop routine that had people captivated.  Her character in the performance was a riot, and she rocked the house. 

After she was done, all five of us placed hoops out and have people come up and try out hooping in our hoopla!  We had kids, the Dutchland Derby Roller’s mascot Hester, girls on skates, and lots of others come up and hoop with us.  It’s impossible to be frowny when picking up a hoop, and it was great to spread that joy around.

That was Saturday!  It was awesome, if you haven’t picked up on that yet. 

Spinspiration Hoop Troupe Debut Info

Be there!