Just Dance

I had a revelation last night during my hoop practice.  I was working on my routine for the upcoming talent show, and I realized something.  I hated the routine I had put together.  It was clunky, wooden, and I was over thinking things.  I decided to scrap the written routine altogether.
I had one thought about my performance:  just dance.
Here’s what I’m going to do.
I’m still sticking with the same song, but I’m going to do certain moves at different musical queues for emphasis.  Otherwise, I’m going to dance, do tricks, and see what moves fit in where with my queues.  I feel much better about this.
When it came to the written routine, I would get a big knot in my stomach every time I thought about it.  Learning it wasn’t fun.  And I want this experience to be fun.
So, I’m going to dance, hoop, and move around the stage.  I think I will have more fun and engage the audience better that way.  I like this plan.
I’m going to dance.