Pop Up Circus!

I will be there as Jennabee Hoops showing people how to hoop. Come on out!

Lemon Street Block Party for NNO

Wow!  What a turn out for National Night Out for Lancaster’s Lemon Street!  There were a ton of kids having fun with hoops and water balloons, and the parents were having a good time talking to neighbors.  A band dished up rockin’ tunes that were fun to hoop to.  Jenny and I did our “hoop-a-gami” routine, and shared with others how to hoop.

I ran into a few people that I knew who were out with their families.  It was great to catch up with them!

Please enjoy the photos of the festivities!

Kids hoop it up!

Jenny does her multi-hoop magic.

Me, taken by Jenny.

Me, taken by Jenny, again!

Jenny and Me, taken by Sean!

National Night Out 2014

It’s the first Tuesday in August, so today is National Night Out!!  Neighborhoods in your area will be hosting block parties and events in effort to build relationships between their residents and with law enforcement, as this is a crime prevention event. 

Many places are hosting covered dishes, family activities, and performers.  Jenny and I will be out at the block party in Lemon Street in Lancaster, PA, so come out and see us if you are in the area!  We’ll be spreading hoopiness and fun, and there will be a hoop-i-gami performance at some point during the party.  We’ll be there 6pm-8pm. 

This is a great event for you to get out and get to know neighbors and your local police force.  If you know people, you are more likely to help out and report a crime.  NNO also has a great crime prevention program for dog walkers, too.

Get out, have fun, and meet you neighbors!

Musser Park Spin Jam

Friday night’s spin jam was pretty rockin’!  Everyone who came out had a great time.

I got there and helped Jay Allday, our DJ and organizer get things set up and going.  He put the music through his amplifier on and after about a minute, an athletic man came over and spoke to Jay.  I was inwardly cringing.  That guy probably wants us to turn down the music.

Not the case.

He asked Jay to turn it UP!

That was pretty much the community vibe all evening.  Kids and their parents came over to hoop.  A bunch of gals doing yoga came over after Jay approached them to join us.  More of the other hoop jammers came, and we had fun well into the night.

What was amazing about this hoop jam was that other people who did flow arts came over.  There was a guy with LED gloves.  Another one had LED nunchuks.  And then a petite girl named Jackie came over with her hoop and introduced herself and asked new join us, with her hoop and and her orbit spinner.  New friend and hooper! 

I’ll let the pictures here speak for themselves. They aren’t that great, since I was using my phone and didn’t bring the DSLR out.  Still, you’ll get a taste of what we had going on.

Oh, and when it got dark, the LED toys came out, as you can see from the pictures.  Some of us had LED hoops, other had LED poi, and the LED flow wand was amazing.  Ah, and you’ll see the beautiful flow fans up there, too.  Gorgeous!

Look for the next Musser Park Spin Jam is JULY 19, 2014, 4PM-?? in Lancaster, PA.  More details to come, but plan on being there!!

May Hoop Jam

Today was the May Hoop Jam in Binn’s Park.  It was small hoop jam today, but it was fun.  There were some little girls who came over and tried out hooping.  They had so happy to try out.  One girl was especially enthusiastic.  She asked her aunt for a hoop right there.

Jenny and I got to see Lancaster’s March Against Monsanto happening across the street.  It was a great and diverse group of people. There was a community fair of sorts at the end of the march.

Here are my photos from the day.  Enjoy!

My hoops that I brought

Jenny’s new gyro hoop!

Kelley tries out the fringe hoop.

Morgan hoops with the coin fringe hoop.