Learning Isolations and Seven Minute Hoop Workout

Jenny covered how to do a basic isolation in class last week, and my brain completely had a blackout when I attempted to do this.  Thankfully, Jenny posted this video on Facebook as a way for her students to have a refresher on how to do this optical illusion.

View How to Do a Hula Hoop Isolations on Howcast

It’s a very well done video and I plan on practicing it this evening using it.

 Oh, I started doing Deane Love’s Seven Day Hula Hoop Workout last night, starting with Day 1.  I wasn’t able to actually use hoops with her Day 1 Arm Workout, but rather imitated their movements with hand weights.  I felt the burn.

Here’s Day 1’s video as a teaser for you to give it a shot.

Come to think of it, the isolation trick and the arm workout go arm in arm!  Strong arms lead to more stable isolations.  Very cool!