Hooping on the Hood

Mount Hood and Trillium Lake

Mount Hood, that is.

I was in Oregon this past week, and I did do a little hooping outside in the cabin we were staying in.  It was a gorgeous spot, and I can’t wait to show more photos and video I took, and not just hooping stuff, too, but everything.

Oregon is beautiful.  I loved it there.  I liked hooping there.  I had fun.

My obligatory selfie with Mount Hood.

Otherwise, I had a very hooping weekend upon my return!  First, I had my Fifties Family Fun Night performance in Ephrata, PA on the 17th.  I was off the plane less than 24 hours and I’m hooping in front of a large group of people.  Really, it did go well!  Pop on over to Jennabee Hoops, my performance site, to see some photos and read up on that went, too.

On Saturday, Jenny asked me to join her at Musser Park in Lancaster, PA for the East Side Sunday Market, where it was Kids Day.  We set up hoops and kids came over and played with us.  There even was a funeral for a popped balloon dog named Bart.  He was blue. He came to his end on a hoop.  I guess you had to be there.

To get kids to come over and be curious about the hoops, Jenny and I not just constructed a hoop house, but rather a hoop skyscraper!  See below.

It was a very hoopy weekend, and I’m glad to get back into the hoopy swing of things tonight with class.