Feeling Good

I’ve been enjoying the 30/30 challenge over at Hooping.org, as well as practicing the stuff that Jenny has been teaching at Studio Spin on Mondays.

Let’s start with class from Monday.  We did a lot of chest and shoulder hooping.  Jenny gave me some other stuff to working that technique, such as doing things with my hands and exploring space UNDER the hoop.  It’s been a fun thing to practice.

I’ve been really practicing, too, as for the 30/30.  I am starting to look forward to my after work practice sessions.  In fact, I did a video from my practice yesterday.  Take a look!

 I am feeling good about my hoop progress right. now.  Hence the song.  I thought it was quite fitting!

Leftover LED Video

I just realized I never posted this video of me and my LED hoop from vacation!  I know many of you have probably already have seen it, but for those who haven’t, here you go.

It’s just me in the pitch black of the Outer Banks at night, my LED hoop, and “Save Me” by Muse.  (Why do I always LED hoop to Muse? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Here’s the Vimeo version is you prefer that service.

LED Hooping Save Me from Jenn Dixon on Vimeo.

Please, enjoy!

Impromptu LED Hooping Video

Yesterday, I gathered up my camera gear, LED hoop, and some music and decided to do a simple music video for no reason.

It was getting dark, but that’s what I wanted.  My next door neighbor was out on her porch, too, and I asked if I could play some music, and she didn’t care.  I had an audience of sorts, I guess, but she was really into whatever was on her phone.  That’s fine with me.

The song?  “Follow Me” by Muse.  If you aren’t listening to Muse, you need to start listening to Muse.  NOW.  The electronics in this particular song scream at me to play with my LED hoop.  So I did.

Here its!  I do like like how all you can really see is my hoop spinning around, and not me.  On the other hand, I probably should be visible, too, but, eh, it works for something out of blue.

Prefer Vimeo?

LED Hooping from Jenn Dixon on Vimeo.