Lemon Street Block Party for NNO

Wow!  What a turn out for National Night Out for Lancaster’s Lemon Street!  There were a ton of kids having fun with hoops and water balloons, and the parents were having a good time talking to neighbors.  A band dished up rockin’ tunes that were fun to hoop to.  Jenny and I did our “hoop-a-gami” routine, and shared with others how to hoop.

I ran into a few people that I knew who were out with their families.  It was great to catch up with them!

Please enjoy the photos of the festivities!

Kids hoop it up!

Jenny does her multi-hoop magic.

Me, taken by Jenny.

Me, taken by Jenny, again!

Jenny and Me, taken by Sean!

National Night Out 2014

It’s the first Tuesday in August, so today is National Night Out!!  Neighborhoods in your area will be hosting block parties and events in effort to build relationships between their residents and with law enforcement, as this is a crime prevention event. 

Many places are hosting covered dishes, family activities, and performers.  Jenny and I will be out at the block party in Lemon Street in Lancaster, PA, so come out and see us if you are in the area!  We’ll be spreading hoopiness and fun, and there will be a hoop-i-gami performance at some point during the party.  We’ll be there 6pm-8pm. 

This is a great event for you to get out and get to know neighbors and your local police force.  If you know people, you are more likely to help out and report a crime.  NNO also has a great crime prevention program for dog walkers, too.

Get out, have fun, and meet you neighbors!


Did you know that this past Saturday was National Dance Day?  I celebrated by going to pole class.  It’s really starting to come together for me there and I’m enjoying it! 

Sunday was Open Hoop at Studio Spin.  Yay!  I got to practice with the mirrors, and got to play around a lot.  It’s helpful to see what I’m doing.

One drawback with the mirrors is that I need to get past looking “stupid” and just go with what I’m doing.  I look at myself in the mirrors and think my appearance is bad, or I look awkward, etc.  I know that’s just me, but sometimes I feel that way.  I just need to commit to what I’m doing and keep on going.

Ah, and yesterday, Jenny and I got together to practice for next Tuesday, which is National Night Out.  National Night Out, though a crime prevention initiative, celebrates neighborhoods and communities as each one holds parades, cookouts, and block parties.  Jenny and I are going to be performing and encouraging hoopiness during a local block party.  We put together a quick routine together yesterday featuring hoop origami, which is really cool.  You’ll have to wait to see it next week if I get any photos.  It’s basically a partner routine where you make cool shapes with four hoops.  Hoop-a-gami!!

As a look ahead, the next hoop jam in Lancaster is August 16.  Mark your calendars!!