Hoops for People

Back from the Wellness Expo, I actually got two orders to make hoops for people.  One was for a child, the grandson of employee in one of the other offices.  His is the green and black one.  The tape on that one has sunglasses on it and the lenses are silver.  Kinda of cool, and I think it’s a good design for a boy.

The other, larger adult hoop, was for my friend Steph.  She was very determined at the Wellness Expo to keep that hoop spinning on her waist, which she did.  She asked me to make her a hoop so she could have something to do inside her house while she watches TV and when the weather gets cold.  I was happy to deliver.

If you ever get a chance to get a Mystery Tape Pack from HoopSupplies.com, DO IT.  I got some awesome new tape from them that I used on Steph’s hoop.  When she came by to pick it up this morning, she said it reminded her of flames on a vintage car, which she absolutely loves.  Yay!  I’m so glad she likes her new hoop!

The other two hoops?  Those are my office hoops.

I’m glad I got to make hoops for other people.  It feels good.