Open Hoop Night

I participated in my first open hoop night at Studio Spin yesterday evening.  It was fun!  It was nice to actually have space and time to practice hooping.  Including me, there were five hoopers there.  I was definitely the newbie of the group, as the four other girls were way more experienced than I was in hooping.  I will admit it, I was insecure for a little bit.

After one of the girls introduced herself, I believe her name was Wendy, I told her that I am just starting out.  She said that I need to start somewhere, and she’s right.  So what if most of my hooping is at the waist?  I just took what I did know, practice with the mirrors in the studio, and am happy I went yesterday.

I mostly just scooted around the studio waist hooping and practicing some of my off-body spinning stuff.  I also worked on chest hooping and am getting better at that, too.

It was also nice to be included in a game we did at the end of the session.  We all laid down on the floor, and tried to pass a hoop from person to person with one of our feet.  I tried it out, and didn’t do well, but, hey, it was fun to try something out.

After the session had ended, we discussed Jenny’s upcoming doubles hooping class, and a few of the others were interested in taking it, so I might see them there.

It was also great to see Katie, the hooping instructor at Studio Spin, again, and she got in on the foot hooping action too.

I will have to keep an eye out for Studio Spin’s next open hooping night.  I had fun.

Oh, I will leave you with another video from my fourth round of The Hooping Game on Facebook.  It’s not my best effort, but it’s still worth showing.  The song is by Michael Franti and is called “I’m Alive.”