Hooping on the Akron Rail-to-Trail

Thanks to Daylight Savings, it was a lovely evening last yesterday.  It wasn’t too cold, and I had cabin fever.  I decided to hoop.  I grabbed one of my heavier hoops and went outside.  I ended up on the rail-to-trail that runs behind my house.  It was the only dry spot I could comfortably hoop.

There were a lot of people and pooches on the trail.  I got some comments, kind ones, and looks from people walking and jogging.  Some kids on bikes even stopped outright to stare.  I don’t care anymore.  I’m used to it!

Sam eventually came down and joined me and we took a selfie together.  I also took attempted to take a selfie hooping. My face is all scrunchy from looking into the sun, but you get the point.

I talked Sam into taking a video of my hooping on the trail.  It’s short, but here it is.  Enjoy!

Hoop-tastic Weekend, Part 2

I had a great time playing with my LED hoop this past weekend.  I have the long exposure photos to prove it.  Here are two more really cool shots that I took in addition to the one I shared yesterday.

I like the last one the best because it looks like I’m in a Star Trek transporter.   If you are interested, I have a few more photos posted over on my photography site.  I did take a lot of LED long exposure photos, but I only posted the best ones.

If you are interested in finding out how I did these photos, take a look over on HubPages for my How-To.

In addition to taking a lot of LED hoop photos, I did quite a bit of video too, and most of it I’m unhappy with.  Still, I got one video that I was pleased with.

I had the hardest time thinking of a soundtrack.  I then stopped and listened to what was going on around me.  The sounds of the woods at night are soothing and beautiful.  I let the crickets and locusts serenade me as I hooped to their music.  The video above is the result. Please, enjoy!

Musser Park Spin Jam

Friday night’s spin jam was pretty rockin’!  Everyone who came out had a great time.

I got there and helped Jay Allday, our DJ and organizer get things set up and going.  He put the music through his amplifier on and after about a minute, an athletic man came over and spoke to Jay.  I was inwardly cringing.  That guy probably wants us to turn down the music.

Not the case.

He asked Jay to turn it UP!

That was pretty much the community vibe all evening.  Kids and their parents came over to hoop.  A bunch of gals doing yoga came over after Jay approached them to join us.  More of the other hoop jammers came, and we had fun well into the night.

What was amazing about this hoop jam was that other people who did flow arts came over.  There was a guy with LED gloves.  Another one had LED nunchuks.  And then a petite girl named Jackie came over with her hoop and introduced herself and asked new join us, with her hoop and and her orbit spinner.  New friend and hooper! 

I’ll let the pictures here speak for themselves. They aren’t that great, since I was using my phone and didn’t bring the DSLR out.  Still, you’ll get a taste of what we had going on.

Oh, and when it got dark, the LED toys came out, as you can see from the pictures.  Some of us had LED hoops, other had LED poi, and the LED flow wand was amazing.  Ah, and you’ll see the beautiful flow fans up there, too.  Gorgeous!

Look for the next Musser Park Spin Jam is JULY 19, 2014, 4PM-?? in Lancaster, PA.  More details to come, but plan on being there!!

Sweet Pea Project Sisters and Brothers Picnic

Wow, what a beautiful evening hooping!  The Spinspiration Hoop Troupe was there sharing hoopy happiness with the attendees of the Sweet Pea Project Sisters and Brothers Picnic in Lititz Springs Park in Lititz, Pennsylvania.  The kids, and adults, loved hooping and playing with the other flow toys Jenny brought.

It was also a sobering experience.  It was amazing to see how many green shirts with the names of passed on babies there were.  I can’t believe the losses these families have suffered by losing babies.  That is what the Sweet Pea Project does, they provide support and comfort to families who have lost babies after there were born or were stillborn.  I was happy to help provide happiness for these families.

Let’s focus on the fun!  Here are some of my photos from the evening.  I didn’t get too many because I was busy hooping and playing with the kids.

If you or someone you know have suffered the loss of a baby, please take a look at the Sweet Pea Project.