The Woman in the Mirror

I looked at myself in the mirror the other day.  I didn’t quite recognize myself.

For one thing, this person staring back at me was starting to look leaner.  Her arms were getting toned.  Her legs were a little more defined.  Oh, and when she stepped on the scale, the number showing was a little less scary.

All of this hooping and pole dancing is starting to pay off in not only for my mental well-being, but my physical, too!  I can get used to this.

As I look forward to the weekend, I have a pole class on Saturday, and the Ab Fab Hoop Lab with Jenny on Sunday.  I am so ready to work out and have fun!

Weekend of Working Out

Wow.  I haven’t been this physically active in such a short time span that I have in a while.  Truthfully, it felt good, despite me being sore in places and I have the bruises to prove it.

First, of course, was Saturday’s Hoop Jam in Binn’s Park.  That was two hours of activity, more or less.  Second, was Intro to Pole at Studio Spin on Sunday afternoon.

I’ll have to say that taking the intro pole dancing class was fun!  It was neat to learn very basic pole moves and transitions.  I’m going to think about taking Pole Level 1 because I really need to get my upper body strength up. 

I was so bruised up from that class.  Starting off with hooping was the same way.  Your body toughens up to where your points of impact happen and you don’t bruise as often or as easily.  Still, it was quite a workout and I had fun, too.

Yesterday (Monday) brought barbecues for many people, but for me, I went to hoop class.  I was the only regular student there and Rachel, the owner and pole instructor for Studio Spin, took class with me and Katie.  Katie put us through the usual strengthening paces and also taught us a lasso move that you catch behind your back called Around the Sun, or something like that.  I picked up the basic movement of it, but have to work on catch the hoop behind my back and keeping it spinning.

As for today, I’m beat.  I’m sore.  I think it’s time for a rest day.  It felt really good to push myself, though.


Before hooping class starts on Mondays, I usually wait inside Studio Spin as I have nowhere to go between work and class.  (Both are very close to each other.  Home is a bit further away).  Since Studio Spin features mostly pole dancing fitness classes, there’s one going on while I’m waiting.  I watch these girls dance around the pole and wondered and became curious…..could I do that?
To see how it goes, I signed up to take an Intro to Pole class at Studio Spin.  It’s just a one-time session to get you acquainted with pole basics.  I’m interested to see what pole dancing for fitness is all about.
Now mind you, hooping is where my heart lies.  I’m glad that I have a place to go while Jenny (who was on TV this morning!) takes a break from offering classes over the summer.  I’m just, well, curious.