Hoopy Valentine’s Day!

Ugh, I have been sick.  But I love you guys.

I didn’t make it to class on Wednesday because I was home coughing and blowing my nose due to a cold/bronchitis thing.  I did have a chest X-ray done, and luckily there is no sign of pneumonia.  Whew!

Still, I can’t hoop right now.  Even walking a block makes me convulse in a coughing fit.  And if you talk to me on the phone, I sound awful.  I do sound worse than I feel, though.

I just want to take the time today to wish you all a Hoopy Valentine’s Day!  Spend it with your favorite, hoop, person, or both.

I’d Rather Be Hooping

I want to apologize that I haven’t kept up on my regular schedule, but I am under the weather.  I’m at home bundled up in my fuzzy housecoat with a mild flu.  And I did get my flu shot.  Eh.

I hope everyone out there is hoopy and happy.  I will get back to that point in a day or so.