Stepping Up

I’m not sure if I’m dedicated or a glutton for punishment, but I had TWO hoop classes yesterday, one right after the other.  The first was a private session I had with Jenny Hill, and the second was my regular class with Ryane. 

Jenny was telling me about some cool ways to incorporate a fitness step, like the ones you see in aerobics classes, into a  hooping workout routine, and was I was quite interested.  Incorporating that step is quite a challenge!  It seems like a fun way to do some indoor hooping, too, so I have to see if I can talk my husband into letting me get an inexpensive one soon.

Jenny and I also worked on a doubles move that has been vexing me for a while.  It’s a double corkscrew/stirring the pot type move, and I think I have the basics down, I just have to put the pieces together and keep on trying.

After that, I zipped off to Studio Spin, where Ryane was getting worried because I got there later than usual.  We had another girl in the class, and her name was Olivia, and she is a friend of Ryane’s who has been hooping since June.  She really good and very nice!  I hope she comes back to class. 

What we worked on?  Breaks.  We worked on shoulder, arm, and pinch breaks.  We worked on those breaks standing up straight, bending over, and leaning backwards. 

After that came folding!  I like folding, as it is something easy I can do inside.  Ryane also told us a few different ways we can incorporate folding into our flow.  Quite cool!

I was tired last night, to say the least, but it felt so good to spend a good evening with my hoops.