Fit and Flow

Last night’s class with Ryane kicked my butt.  I had pole dance class the night before, and I worked hard during that, too.  I am sore! 

Still, being fit with our hooping is important, and Ryane had us hoop with heavier hoops and with hand weights.  Those little three pound weights seem to weight more than three pounds the longer you hold them out from your body.  The burn will pay off with good upper body strength.

For the last fifteen minutes of class, Ryane had us just practice and flow with different moves.  The music playing had a great beat and it was easy to get into a rhythm of movement.  I just went with it and played.  What a great feeling!  It was just nice to twirl and dance with my hoop.  I even experimented with connected different things together and came up with some neat little twists and moves that I need to remember some how.  I think I’m starting to develop my own hoop style. Sweet!

Moves I learned yesterday?  I think I finally have the reverse weave down.  Now to learn the reverse chase weave.  And, Ryane showed me how to spin with a hoop in each hand in reverse time, meaning one hoop goes forward, and the other goes backward.  Now, THAT’S cool to look at.

So, that’s my hoopy adventures for this week’s class.  Don’t forget about my poll! 

Photo Shoot for Lancaster Moves

http://studiospin.netRachel from Studio Spin kindly asked me to be a part of a photo shoot done by Melissa Engle Photography as a part of Melissa’s photo project entitled “Lancaster Moves.”  I happily said I would love to do this.  As a photographer myself, I’m not often in front of the lens.  Ryane was there as well with her hoops, and Rachel came with her portable pole.

It was fun!  Melissa took photos of us on the rooftop of Tellus360, an awesome Irish pub in Lancaster, PA.  You can see Rachel up there on her pole, and Melissa taking a photo of me, too. (Hope it’s ok I am using the photo, Rachel!)  More photos from the shoot will be forth coming, as well, of course.

If you are in the Lancaster area and are interested in Melissa’s project, it will be unveiled at Move It Studio in Lancaster on December 5, 2014. 

I’m anxious to see the photos from the project overall.  I plan on going to the opening and seeing all the awesome “movers” in Lancaster.

Hooping Homework

It was just me and Ryane last night at Studio Spin for Intermediate Hoop.  It was a great chance for Ryane to review a few different moves with me. 

The main thing we worked on?  Iso pops.  Ryane patiently worked me and she got doing them MUCH smoother.  It was a great chance to fine tune a move.  I think I have it.  Her advice to me, and part of my homework, is to practice and break the move down if I confused, discombobulated, or whatever.

Ah!  That’s the thing!  Ryane gave me homework last night, and that’s a good thing!  That means I have something to work on during the week and goal to strive for.  Besides working on those iso pops, she asked me to write down a few move combinations that I come up and we will incorporate them into a dance-y hoop-y fun flow.  I can definitely get into that!

It was wonderful to work with Ryane one-on-one last night.  Still, people, you NEED TO COME TO HOOP CLASS.

See my hoop classes tab at the top of blog and take a look.  Beginner Hoop at Studio Spin is Mondays and Intermediate is Wednesdays.  Both classes run 8pm-9pm.  You will learn and have fun!  Don’t forget about Jenny Hill’s class linked on that page, too.

Catching Up, Again!

I always seem to be in a state of being behind in blogging for the past week.  It’s been nuts, but I hope things quiet down a little bit for me. 

I had to catch up again here because I had a craft show last week, and spent a lot of time getting ready for that.  I still get to hoop class, and it’s now time to tell you what we did.

On Wednesday at Studio Spin, Ryane had Brett and I doing a lot of double hooping work.  Brett wasn’t able to bring her doubles, so I lent her my kiddie doubles above here. 

Ryane is an AMAZING mini doubles hooper, so it’s awesome to be able to learn from her.  To watch her perform and practice with mini doubles is incredible.  I hope we do more doubles work in class!

Speaking of a master of multiples, Jenny’s last class for the fall was that Thursday.  What a great session we had!  It doesn’t matter how many times I take that same core hooping series, Jenny always keeps it fresh and new.  There’s always something new to learn!

Oh, Jenny is teaching Hoop Rejuvenation class at Yoga on Orange in Lancaster, PA.  It’s on Wednesday evenings in Lancaster, PA.   This is an on-going class that she will be teaching.  If you want to stretch, gain balance and strengths, and learn some basic hooping, this is a great class for you to look into.

A Little Catching Up

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been.  The short answer is:  I’ve been sick.  Well, that’s the long answer, too.

Here’s what’s hoopy in my life during the past few days, excluding the past three, since I was, well, sick.

1.’s 30/30 Fall Challenge:  I did it!  I hooped for 30 days!  Yay!  The results?  I got a lot better at what I’ve been learning in my classes.  And I wore a nice trampled-down brown spot my yard from where I was practicing.

2.  Studio Spin’s Masquerade Party:  Joan and I attended Studio Spin’s Masquerade party on Nov. 1.  It was fun!  I participated in the student showcase.  It went ok, but I had a lot of fun.  I did the Chicken Dance while hooping in a dirndl, or a traditional German dress, costume.  Here’s what I learned.

    Poofy polyester dirndl’s are not good to hoop in.

      I like performing.

         I took off the black piece to perform, and, of course, the mask.  Here’s a video of my performance, hoop drops and all.  I should note that while Joan was filming this, my phone did run out of memory, but most of it is here.

        The good thing was that I had a good audience response.  I also had a few people come up to me and try out hooping, so at least I got some interest and met some new people that way.

        Next performance?  It’ll be in a short top and leggings like I’m used to. Here’s the Vimeo version is you like that service better.

        Hooping Chicken Dance from Jenn Dixon on Vimeo.

        Jenntober 2014

        Happy Jenntober, everyone!  Jenntober is just a silly way of saying….IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!  And what am I doing on my birthday?  I’m going to hoop class! 

        Actually, my husband Sam and I are going to celebrate on Saturday by going to a really nice restaurant, but he did have some cool surprises for me today.  My coworkers  had some lovely gifts and cards for me waiting on my desk, as well.  Later, my supervisor is taking me out to lunch.  It’s been a nice birthday this far!

        Yesterday was Ryane’s first time teaching Studio Spin’s Intermediate hoop class.  She did great!  She brought a ton of new faces in, and Brett and I were there, too.  She had Brett, myself, and another experienced hooper work on cat eye isopops.  They are really cool moves.  Ryane said we’re going to compound on that a little bit next week by working on ghosting with those isolations and isopops.  We did go over that, too, a little yesterday.

        Tonight is hoop class with Jenny.  Truthfully, it’s exactly what I want to be doing on my birthday.  Hooping with awesome people.  I got to do that yesterday, too.  Later, Sam is getting me an orange and black (for the Flyers) ice cream cake with the words “Happy Jenntober” on it.  There’s also some hard cider waiting for when I get home, too.  I think my plans for the rest of the day are just about right for me.

        Weekend of Burlesque

        I had a great weekend fill with burlesque fun that included some awesome hoopiness.  Let me tell you about it.

        First, the Save The Tassels benefit on Friday was excellent.  So good!!!  All of the burlesque performers, pole dancers, acrobats, and hoopers did such a fantastic job.  It was a great show.  Even though the performers had to do a Boston-style show, which is an old term for having to have certain parts completely covered when performing a routine.  Still, the humor, wit, and sexiness in all the routines were performed in the true spirit of burlesque.  Thank you to all who put this event together, performed, and gave their support to!

        On Saturday, Jenny had a burlesque hooping workshop at Studio Spin.  I was there and learned a lot and expanded my burlesque knowledge from the workshops I took with Medianoche and Penny Starr.  Bunny Bedford, a local-ish burlesque performer, was there to give insight and she also learned to hoop, and loved it so much she was going to buy a hoop as soon as she could. 

        Jenny taught us some of the basics that we can do with a hoop in a burlesque routine, and she also had a group choreography that we did at the end of the workshop.  Before we left, Jenny gave us a list of the music that she used.  I actually did download some of the tunes and worked out to them yesterday.

        Speaking of yesterday, I got my daily hoop practice in, but I had to use a heavier hoop and focus on core hooping.  It was really windy outside!  I did a lot of work on marching in place, stepping side to side, and pointing my toes forward, to the side, and backwards while hooping.  I also did this in both currents.  Either way, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and it something that we do a lot in Jenny’s classes and I really need to practice.  So I did.

        So, that’s the burlesque-ness of my weekend.  Fun stuff!

        Best of Luck, Katie!

        Yesterday’s class had a sort of sad note to it;  it was Katie’s last day teaching at Studio Spin.

        I want to thank Katie for her hard work and patient teaching she gave at Studio Spin.  I certainly learned a lot from her!

        I will miss our pre-class chats and Katie’s great laugh.  I will also miss her enthusiastic affirmations when a student finally got a hooping move down for the first time.  You couldn’t help but to feel good.

        Katie, I wish you the best in your future endeavors!  THANK YOU!  The next chapter in your life is going to be awesome!

        Here’s a link to Katie’s jewelry website that you may like.  She makes really cool pendants out of bullet casings and does some neat wire work. 

        Take heart, though, we have a new teacher at Studio Spin stepping up to the plate.  Her name is Ryane and she has been shadowing Katie for the past few weeks.  I am looking forward to learning from her and getting to know her, too.

        Class last night was fun, on a positive note!  Katie basically held a comprehensive session where we could review any trick that she taught us.  She worked with me on some basic weave stalls and tosses.  I do the weave a lot in my flow, so this will add a little variety in my hooping.

        We also had a new student in our class.  Amy, who is a friend from Jenny’s past classes and hoop jams, came by and I was happy to see her there.

        Here’s to new chapters in hooping and life!


        Did you know that this past Saturday was National Dance Day?  I celebrated by going to pole class.  It’s really starting to come together for me there and I’m enjoying it! 

        Sunday was Open Hoop at Studio Spin.  Yay!  I got to practice with the mirrors, and got to play around a lot.  It’s helpful to see what I’m doing.

        One drawback with the mirrors is that I need to get past looking “stupid” and just go with what I’m doing.  I look at myself in the mirrors and think my appearance is bad, or I look awkward, etc.  I know that’s just me, but sometimes I feel that way.  I just need to commit to what I’m doing and keep on going.

        Ah, and yesterday, Jenny and I got together to practice for next Tuesday, which is National Night Out.  National Night Out, though a crime prevention initiative, celebrates neighborhoods and communities as each one holds parades, cookouts, and block parties.  Jenny and I are going to be performing and encouraging hoopiness during a local block party.  We put together a quick routine together yesterday featuring hoop origami, which is really cool.  You’ll have to wait to see it next week if I get any photos.  It’s basically a partner routine where you make cool shapes with four hoops.  Hoop-a-gami!!

        As a look ahead, the next hoop jam in Lancaster is August 16.  Mark your calendars!!

        My Week in Hoopiness, So Far

        I’m on vacation this week, but I’m still getting out there and hooping.  I was away for a few days, but am back and relaxing. 

        Here’s what happening in my world of hoopiness.  First, on Sunday, Jenny had a workshop in a nice Zumba studio.  Good mirrors and space!  Most of my Spinspiration hoop pals were there, and one person from the gym came.  Jenny had us focus on core hooping, and we worked on some off body moves, too.  She had us more experienced hoopers do a lot of work in our opposite current.  I need to work on that.  Badly.  I will admit it. 

        Oh, and we worked with props and expressing movement with those.  Jenny had fans and gloves and we got to play with those.  And we even did a small choreography at the end, too.  It was great just to work on core hooping, which really is the foundation of what we do.

        I went to my regular class at Studio Spin with Katie on Wednesday, too.  I was the only one in the class, as the rest of the students were at a music festival.  I liked having one on one time with Katie!  She had me turning and shimmying the hoop up to my shoulders with my eyes closed so I could focus on how the hoop was turning on my body and where it was.  It worked!

        And we worked on knee hooping.  I can knee hoop ok, but I have a hard time shimmying the hoop back up to my waist.  I just couldn’t quite get it, but I will.  Watch me go practice soon and get that hoop up to my waist on the first try. 

        So, that’s the hoopy news for now.  Oh, a few things I want to let you know about.

        1.  Glo is having two workshops at Studio Spin on Saturday, the 19th.  This week, people!  One is a doubles workshop and the other is a floor work workshop.  I will be at the floor one.

        2.  Lancaster hoopers and those in the area:  We are having a hoop jam at Musser Park in Lancaster, PA on the 19th as well.  We’d love to see you there!