Sunday Hooping

Deb recently starting hooping again, now that her baby Freddy is at a point now were he’s six months old, adorable, and sleeps if he’s comfortable.  She brought him over Sunday, along with her hoops, for a visit. 

Deb and I went out back at my house in the yard while the baby and Sam were inside.  Freddy was quite comfy his car seat, slept, or entertained himself with the toy dangling from his car seat handle.  Quite a content baby.

Back to the hooping.  Deb had only started waist hooping again after she had gotten pregnant, so it’s been a while.  She was quite happy to do so!  I was teaching her a few tricks, and we noodled around for a while.  It felt good to have a friend to hoop with at home.  It’s not something I have often. 

Soon, we were too cold and had to go back in to see if Sam and Freddy were ok.  They were.

Deb accidentally left her hoops at my house, so she has to come over this week and get them.  Perhaps we can hoop together again before she leaves.