Hoopy Vacation!

I know, where have the updates been?  I’ve been on the annual family vacation to the Outer Banks!  See evidence of beach hooping in picture to the left.

I had a lovely week, and managed to hoop every day there, even when Tropical Storm Ana came through (it was just a lot of rain, really) on Monday, I did circus drills inside.  Quite nice!

Of course, there should be some upcoming video of my time in the OBX, too.

Oh, and talent show was yesterday.  I did pretty well, I think.  The sparse audience seemed to enjoy my act.  The icing on the cake was when a good high school friend greeted me at the end of the show with a bouquet of flowers.  It was great to see her!!

I’ll have more on the talent show, too, as pictures and video of that become available, too.  Stay tuned!  As for now, I leave you with more squinty faced pictures of me hooping on Whalehead Beach.

The Talent Show

Yes.  I’m going to be in a talent show.  I will be performing a solo hooping act.  Deb’s dad is running and she talked me into doing this.  It should be fun, I will admit.  I’m going to keep the main details of my act secret until the performance itself. 

As for hooping, I haven’t hooped in almost two weeks due to a chest cold.  I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow during class.  I need to get moving again.  I need to exercise.  This sitting around on my butt and coughing is for the birds.