Feeling Better

I made it through class yesterday with minimal pain!  The focus last night was shoulder and chest hooping, something that I can always use work on.  Ryane was aware of my shot, and let me work at my own pace.

What I did was do the technique briefly, and then rest for a minute, rather than to drill the moves over and over again without pause.  Taking things slow did work, because I feel pretty good today.

You are probably thinking, no!  You shouldn’t be doing this after a cortisone shot!  Ah, but my doctor wants me to use the arm and be active.  You see, if you don’t use the arm, the medicine doesn’t worked into the joint and it has a chance to crystallize, which is extremely painful.  Still, if it hurt, I didn’t do it and will continue to follow that path until my pain goes away completely, probably in about two weeks or so.

Ow, not again!

The tendonitis in my shoulder came back.  It had been nine months since my last cortisone injection for it last time, so I was due.  I didn’t wast any time.  I got another shot on Monday night.

Needless to say,  haven’t been hooping much in the last few days, but I am going to try class tonight, and I won’t push myself.  As of yet, I’m not super sore from the injection, as I iced the injection site a lot yesterday. 

That shoulder tendonitis really gets in the way of hooping, so I like to take care of it quickly, and I’m glad my doctor is letting me stay active while the shot takes effect.  In fact, she doesn’t want me to baby the arm.  I need to work the medicine in the best I can by moving.

Well, here’s to getting better!