Hoopy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day.  I’ve never been a fan of the holiday, but this year, I got involved with a the Valentine’s Day swap on Hooping.org and received a lovely piece of artwork from a hooper named Jackie.  Thank you, Jackie!!

I hope the hooper I sent my gift to, Trish, likes her present, too.

In other news, class was cancelled yesterday due to the snowy conditions here on the East Coast.  I am so over winter.  I did do another round in The Hooping Game again, and here’s my video, in all it’s scary glory.  The song is “Drown in the Now” by The Crystal Method.

Enjoy, and have a Hoopy Valentine’s Day!!!

The Hooping Game

I stumbled across a closed group on Facebook called The Hooping Game.  (I think Jenny invited me to it.)  Anyway, how it works is that you post in the group saying “I’m in!” and someone else give you a song that you must hoop dance to and post a video of yourself hooping to this song within 24 hours.  I jumped right in, not thinking about where I was going to do this!  But, I managed to get some space in the kitchen.  I pushed back the table and now have a modest space to hoop.

I was given a song called “Crystallize” by a wonderful young violinist named Lindsey Stirling.  She plays her violin along with a great dubstep accompaniment.  I loved it! It’s now in my hooping mix rotation. 

Ok, folks, here’s my video.  It’s not great, but I’m learning and am proud of actually making through the song without much disaster. 

Neat, huh?

Now, the second part of the game is to assign the person who assigned YOU the song one back.  I am having my partner hoop to “Undisclosed Desires” by Muse.  I can’t wait to see her video.

I have the itch to do more, since this wasn’t very hard to set up.  I also want to track my progress.  One thing I did notice in my video is that I do the beginner hooper “mantis hands” a lot.  I need to work on that.

I might sign up for another song later.  This video thing is addicting.