Three Quick Things

I have three quick things I want to share, mostly because I just need to catch up on things on letting you know what’s going on in hoopiness.
Let’s get down to business!
1.  Class last Wednesday  Katie taught us some cool new moves in class last week that consisted of elevator moves.  Being modifications of the circus start, the variations of the elevator moves are quite fun and look more complex than they really are.  I wanted to get out and practice them yesterday, but I ripped a blister accidentally on one my toes, and the injury really hurt.  It is better today.
2.  The Beach!  I went to the beach on Saturday with Joan!  I almost took a hoop along, but it was way too windy to hoop, anyway.  It was so windy that we both got sandblasted.  I also was looking in a lot of shops to see if they had any fun hoops, but, sadly, only the 99 cent store had hoops.  I didn’t get one.  Boo!
3.  Speaking of Joan…..  Being stressed from work and in need of a quick pick-me-up exercise, I suggested to Joan that she does a little waist hooping and I offered to make her a hoop.  She accepted!  So, I’m going to make her a hoop and tape it up all pretty for her.  Really, people, hooping makes everything better, even if it’s just a little improvement.  It’s hard to hoop and be in a bad mood. 
Joan also suggested I make hoops for two other friends for an outing we are taking all together in the near future.  I think I will do that.
So, those are my three quick things that I wanted to share today.  Here’s to a hoopy week!