Hoopy Valentine’s Day!

Ugh, I have been sick.  But I love you guys.

I didn’t make it to class on Wednesday because I was home coughing and blowing my nose due to a cold/bronchitis thing.  I did have a chest X-ray done, and luckily there is no sign of pneumonia.  Whew!

Still, I can’t hoop right now.  Even walking a block makes me convulse in a coughing fit.  And if you talk to me on the phone, I sound awful.  I do sound worse than I feel, though.

I just want to take the time today to wish you all a Hoopy Valentine’s Day!  Spend it with your favorite, hoop, person, or both.

Hoopy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day.  I’ve never been a fan of the holiday, but this year, I got involved with a the Valentine’s Day swap on Hooping.org and received a lovely piece of artwork from a hooper named Jackie.  Thank you, Jackie!!

I hope the hooper I sent my gift to, Trish, likes her present, too.

In other news, class was cancelled yesterday due to the snowy conditions here on the East Coast.  I am so over winter.  I did do another round in The Hooping Game again, and here’s my video, in all it’s scary glory.  The song is “Drown in the Now” by The Crystal Method.

Enjoy, and have a Hoopy Valentine’s Day!!!