More Faerie Photos!

Ah, more photos of the Faerie FanFaire Festival!  Please, enjoy.  Thank you to Andrew Leibenguth of for the great photos!

faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-79 faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-80 faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-81 faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-82 faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-83


Here’s a video of me hooping to Thomas Dolby’s classic “She Blinded Me With Science.”  I did this while at the Outer Banks, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed hooping to it.

Deb and Me at the Talent Show

Deb and me at the talent show

Here Deb and I pose for a photo taken by my husband Sam.  We were both tired from active performances!

Feeling Good

Good hoopy things have been happening lately, so I made a video for fun to celebrate.  Enjoy!  Thanks for watching!  The song is “Feeling Good” by Muse.

Finally, hooping outside!

I was so happy to hoop outside last night!  I got my husband to take a quick video of me on the rail-to-trail behind our home.

I got a lot of weird looks and comments from other people on the trail, but it didn’t bother me.  I’m used to it by now!