What a weekend!

Me, in my Pop Up Circus gear.
I had a very hoopy weekend!  By the end of Saturday, I was exhausted.  Here’s what I did.
On Friday evening, I helped with the Pop Up Circus in Penn Square in Lancaster.  What a great event!  I was there helping by teaching kids and parents how to hula hoop.  I had a very enthusiastic response, which was great.  In fact, all the performers had an excellent response!  I was a side show, of sorts, you could say.  The main acts were awesome.
On Saturday, which was a gorgeous day, Deb and I trekked up to Kutztown University for the Hoop for Hope event.  Deb and I were the only ones not from the campus there actively participating in hooping, but that that’s ok.  No big deal.  It was change of scenery, a day trip away from the norm, and we got to participate in a good cause.  I donated some tape and hoops for them to raffle and sell.  Deb and I also made hoops from the make-your-own hoop stand for $5.00.  I took both home, and put a better connector and riveted them together.  Much lighter and sturdier.  Great job to the organizers of the event!
Saturday evening came when I got home, and I was tired.  Exhausted.  Wow.  It was good.  What a great hoopy weekend!

Beautiful Past Few Days

The past few days were beautiful, weather-wise, and hoop-wise.  Here’s what I did.

On Friday after my hoop practice, which I got to do outside, I made some hoops.  Deb wanted a new, larger one, so I did that for her.  On Saturday, I let her know that her hoop was ready, and she came over.  It was windy, but we hooped and had fun.  The sun was out, and that made it all right.

Sunday, though, had fantastic weather.  It was gorgeous, and I finally had time to really dig into a hoop routine I’ve been working on.  It felt good to start working the wrinkles out with that. 

Yesterday was class at Studio Spin.  Again, Jenny worked us hard, and the workout was awesome.  Again, a little sore, but it’s a good sore.  Good class!

Today, it’s cloudy and raining here and there.  Boo!  Oh, well.

Time Flew By…..

Yikes?!  Where did the weekend go?  I hop that you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, if you’re in the US.  If you aren’t, I hope you had a great weekend!

Let’s see….what’s new in my little hoopy world.  Not much, really.  I did get a little practice in doing isopops early in the weekend with a new orange polypro hoop that I striped with some bright blue gaffer tape.  It looks cool!  It’s also the smallest hoop I own, and I plan on taking it to class on Wednesday.

Speaking of last Wednesday, I didn’t have class, because of the holiday the next day, and I was going to a concert, anyway.  I saw Halestorm, and it was a great show!  No hoopers there, but it really wasn’t a hooper-type crowd, anyway. 

In other news, though, I have been getting back into pole dance recently for strengthening.  At Open Pole yesterday, in an effort to work of the pounds from all the feasting, I managed to climb up the pole about half way.  I was quite pleased with myself.  I couldn’t do that two weeks ago!!

I will have more hoopy news and happening for you soon.  I just can’t believe how fast the past few days have gone by.

Three Quick Things

I have three quick things I want to share, mostly because I just need to catch up on things on letting you know what’s going on in hoopiness.
Let’s get down to business!
1.  Class last Wednesday  Katie taught us some cool new moves in class last week that consisted of elevator moves.  Being modifications of the circus start, the variations of the elevator moves are quite fun and look more complex than they really are.  I wanted to get out and practice them yesterday, but I ripped a blister accidentally on one my toes, and the injury really hurt.  It is better today.
2.  The Beach!  I went to the beach on Saturday with Joan!  I almost took a hoop along, but it was way too windy to hoop, anyway.  It was so windy that we both got sandblasted.  I also was looking in a lot of shops to see if they had any fun hoops, but, sadly, only the 99 cent store had hoops.  I didn’t get one.  Boo!
3.  Speaking of Joan…..  Being stressed from work and in need of a quick pick-me-up exercise, I suggested to Joan that she does a little waist hooping and I offered to make her a hoop.  She accepted!  So, I’m going to make her a hoop and tape it up all pretty for her.  Really, people, hooping makes everything better, even if it’s just a little improvement.  It’s hard to hoop and be in a bad mood. 
Joan also suggested I make hoops for two other friends for an outing we are taking all together in the near future.  I think I will do that.
So, those are my three quick things that I wanted to share today.  Here’s to a hoopy week!

Hoop-tastic Weekend, Part 3

I’d better wrap up these because another weekend is soon here!

Anyway, I just wanted to share some self portraits that I took with my hoop.  I’m going to use them in different pages around the site.  The last one, though, I have a funny story about.

Ok, ready for story time?

This was the last picture I took down in the grassy alcove down by the cabin.  The alcove is surrounded on woods on three sides.  The camera managed to capture my face the exact moment I heard some critter grunting and growling loudly in the woods.  ACK!  It probably was a deer, but there are lot of bears around there, too.  I grabbed my stuff and ran back to the cabin.  I was freaked out.  And that’s why I either hooped where there were windows that people could see me or not alone for the rest of the weekend. 

Hoop-tastic Weekend, Part 2

I had a great time playing with my LED hoop this past weekend.  I have the long exposure photos to prove it.  Here are two more really cool shots that I took in addition to the one I shared yesterday.

I like the last one the best because it looks like I’m in a Star Trek transporter.   If you are interested, I have a few more photos posted over on my photography site.  I did take a lot of LED long exposure photos, but I only posted the best ones.

If you are interested in finding out how I did these photos, take a look over on HubPages for my How-To.

In addition to taking a lot of LED hoop photos, I did quite a bit of video too, and most of it I’m unhappy with.  Still, I got one video that I was pleased with.

I had the hardest time thinking of a soundtrack.  I then stopped and listened to what was going on around me.  The sounds of the woods at night are soothing and beautiful.  I let the crickets and locusts serenade me as I hooped to their music.  The video above is the result. Please, enjoy!

Lazy Weekend

I had a very lazy weekend, and you know, it was nice.  I had Friday off because of Independence Day.  Having a fairly good dose of ADD, I was about to jump out of my skin by Sunday, meaning, I needed to get off my butt and DO something.

That something came in the form of a hoop I don’t use often that I took to my in-laws house to play with after our weekly breakfast there.  After a time of eating and conversation, we all sort of went about our own thing.  I grabbed my hoop and started to play.

This particular hoop is a heaver 160 PSI PE hoop.  I can do a few tricks with it, but I do prefer a lighter hoop now.  It was still fun to watch all the shiny odds and ends of tape I put on it gleam in the sun.  Quite pretty.

So, I did get some exercise this weekend.