There are a lot of great hooping resources out there, and I want to share them with you.  Some of them are informative, others are where you can hoops and hoop making supplies. All of them are places that I regularly visit and refer to.  I’ve even thrown in my own links to my other sites so you can check those out, too.  😉  Possibly the best hooping resource on the Internet, seriously!  It has everything and is updated practically daily.  I used to be a writer and photo editor there, so I know how much work is put into it.

Hoopnotica:  You can get great beginner hoops, DVDs on how to hoop, how to find a Hoopnotica certified hoop instructor (or become one yourself!), and lots of other cool stuff.  I got my first hoop from them.

Hoopsupplies:  This is where I buy a lot of my hoop tape and some tubing.  The prices are good, the shipping is good, and the customer service is excellent.

ElectricLifestylz:  LED hoops are very popular among hoopers, and it a great thing to get once you get a some hoop time under your belt.  This is where I got my LED hoop from, and the price was very reasonable.  Check them out!

Lancaster Area Hoop Classes

If you are in the Lancaster, PA area and want to take a hoop class, here’s where you can!

Studio Spin:  This is the studio I go to that offers hoop classes Wednesday nights at 7:15pm.  Their main focus is pole fitness and dance, and they are starting to offer aerial silks classes, as well.

Acts of Jennius:  This link will take you to my friend and instructor’s website, Jenny Hill.  See where she’s performing, where’s she’s teaching, and get a lot of information about hooping and hoop-related activities.  Here’s her Facebook page, too.

Ephrata Recreation Center:  Keep an eye out here for possible hoop classes.  There’s a preview class that is being taught by Jenny on February 20, 2016.  Call them at 717-733-1167 for more details.

My Own Links

I have to throw these in here, because it’s my site! 🙂  I would love it if you took the time to look at these links.

Jennabee Hoops on Facebook (no brainer to put this one here!)

Jenn Dixon Photography:  Not only do I have a portfolio, but a blog and Facebook page for that, too.  I’ve been taking photos since 2007, so I have a lot of photography experience under my belt, and I want to share my pictures.

Rock Star Knitting:  You may not know it, but I am avid knitter.  I’ve been knitting since 2010.  I knit a lot, especially when I’m watching TV and such.  I’ve also got a Facebook page for my knitting blog, too.

HubPages:  I also occasionally write hubs on HubPages.  I have some interesting things over there, so I would love it if you would take a look.


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