5 Things Thursday

I’m sitting here knowing I need to post something here.  I have a great thing to show you guys, but I can’t do it until I get a video.  It IS hooping related, of course.  Still, I need to update here.

Let’s do a 5 Things Thursday.  Why not?  I haven’t done one in a while.  Let’s do some throwbacks.  Here are five I’d like to share.

  1.  Combination Practice at Studio Spin:  Video from December 11, 2014. I’ve come a loooong way!
  2. “Learning a Vexxing Move”:  I remember want to learn the double corkscrew with, well, double hoops.  Jenny showed, and I learned it.  Woo hoo!  Here’s to progress!  This was originally posted on my old Hoopinions blog on February 2, 2015.
  3. How about this photo from August 6, 2015?
  4. A Random Post that I Literally Chose with My Eyes Closed “My Hoopy Confession” from December 28, 2015.  You’ll have to read the post to find out what my confession is. Ha!
  5. No post about this one, but I just want to share this old video of mine from April 19, 2014.

5 Things Thursday #2

Things! Things!  Now for five of them.  Some are hooping-related, some are not.  Enjoy!

  1.  A Blast from the Past:  Hoopy Vacation!
  2.  Guinea Pig Bridge!

3.  How you can hoop dance with only five beginner tricks!  Well worth checking out!

4.  Hoopsupplies.com  I get a lot of stuff from them, and they are always fast and courteous.  They deserve a shout out!

5.  Prodigy Hoops’ Kickstarter.  As of now, eight days to go!





5 Things Thursday #1

I thought I’d do something a little different once a week by sharing with you four awesome hoopy things that happening not on this site, and one non-hoopy thing that I find awesome, too.

Also, some of your may have noticed the subscriber pop up.  I am just trying to build a reader base, so I am trying out MailChimp for a little while.  I’ll see how it goes.  Let me know if it’s too pesky.  I value what you have to say!

Anyway, let’s get on to the first edition of 5 Things Thursday!


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