I looked down at the scale the other day.  I was finally past a number that I had been at a plateau with for quite a while.  All the calorie counting, walking on work breaks, and hard work hooping is toning me up and helping me lose some pounds. Payoff!

I have been noticing a few toning changes in my body.  My arms look leaner and stronger.  My legs are leaner and you can see the muscles.  My core muscles seem more stable, too.  And for someone like me who has back problems, that’s a plus!

During class yesterday, Jenny has me working on footwork and incorporating a lot more dance elements in my hooping.  Yesterday, she had me exploring arm work above my shoulders and head.  I tend to flow with my arms around shoulder height, and she is teaching me to explore other parts of arm work.  “You will sweat,” she said.  And she was right.

I had sort of a crappy day yesterday, so I was looking for some exercise endorphins to help lift my mood a little bit.  It did.  I’m glad I went to class.

I’m finally seeing some payoff!  It’s given me a little extra motivation to work a little harder at what I’m doing.  Perhaps I will get more results, and the thought of that is exciting!


First Time Hooping Flush

The first class of the Ab Fab Hoop Lab on Wednesday night was great!  There were three other people in class.  Two were college students on break who were looking for a fun activity to do before they went back to school, and the other was a nice lady named Connie.

Connie had seen hoopers in Long’s Park during the park’s summer concert series, and thought it looked fun, so she found the class at Studio Spin, at it’s new day and time of Wednesdays at 7:15pm, and decided to try it out.

I love seeing people start their hooping journey.  The determination in their faces, their smiles when they get it, and surprise at the potential.  I remember it myself.  It’s a good place to be.

It’s why posted a picture today of me with one of my first hoops after I first started hooping.

I hope Connie comes back.  I think she will, as she was very happy and enthusiastic after class about returning.

Upcoming Classes in Lancaster, PA Area

Interested in taking up hooping in the New Year?  Two classes, each taught by Jenny Hill, are being offered in the Lancaster, PA area.  Here they are and where you can take them.

Ab Fab Hoop LabStudio Spin at 211 N. Ann St., Lancaster, PA  17602 7:15pm Wednesdays, starting January 13, 2016.  Sign up on the website.

Hoop Yourself Fabulous Demo ClassEphrata Rec Center at 13 S. Academy Dr., Ephrata, PA 17522  One time class being offered 2-3pm Saturday, February 20, 2016.  Class is $5.00.  Call the Rec Center at 717-738-1167 to sign up.

Both classes are a great opportunity to get into hooping, and I hope those you in the areas of both places take the first step to try it out!


I got to hang out with a new hooping friend on Sunday.  Her name is Carol, and we are in Jenny’s hooping class at Studio Spin on Monday nights.  The week before, she had wanted someone to hoop with, just for practice and such, and I told her I’m usually up for stuff like that.  We exchanged contact information.

Come last Friday night, she e-mails me asking if I’d like to get together on Sunday.  I said I would, and hooped for about an hour and a half on a hot and humid afternoon.  It was nice!  She is a new hooper and full of questions.  Carol also wants to excel and learn.  That’s exciting to see!  We found a great place to meet at a local park.  It beautiful, with lots of shade trees and open grass.

I hope to hoop with Carol soon again.