Double Trouble

Nah, it’s not really trouble, but a challenge, and one I will eventually conquer.

First off, it needs to stop raining, because I have some new stuff I need to practice!

This is why I’m grateful for classes at Studio Spin.  It gives me a chance to actually hoop without the threat of being drenched by the constant and damp that has been plaguing a lot of the East Coast during the past two weeks, and probably a third, too.  We need some sun!

Anyway, back to class.  Jenny taught me some cool isolation techniques with two hoops, and she also taught me the front/back chase weave.  I know the side chase weave, and can do it pretty well.

It took me a long time get the side chase weave down.  It took me a while to get the double corkscrew down.  I will get the front/back chase weave down, too.

I think what’s going to be key for me to getting this is cleaning up my planes in my front while weaving with one hoop front to back.  I can’t quite get the hoop level when weave to the back.  That will come with practice, too.

So, that’s my new hooping challenge, more double “trouble.” 🙂

Two teeny tiny hoops!

Teeny Tiny Hoops!

For the past few years, I have been participating in the Hooper Valentine Exchange on  This year, I was the recipient of these adorable teeny tiny hoops.  I love them!! Thank you, Allison!

I have plans for these teeny tiny hoops.  Big plans.   And, since the weather is supposed to be stinkin’ cold all weekend, I may just have to work on said big plans for these small wonders as something to do.

Happy Valentines Day to all out there!  Whether you are single or taken, go out, have fun, and eat chocolates.