Me Peforming in the 2016 Studio Spin Student Showcase.

Student Feature by Studio Spin

Cool beans!  I was recently interviewed by Rachel Skye, owner of Studio Spin where I’ve been taking hoop classes for a while, for their bi-weekly student feature.  Sweet!  You can read the interview here on Studio Spin’s blog.

Otherwise, I want to keep you up to date with what hoop classes are going on in the area, so I thought this would a good time to keep you in the know.

Winter Hoop Classes in Lancaster County

Ephrata Rec Center Classes

Hoop Yourself Fabulous:  Great for beginners!  Taught by Jenny Hill.  Jan. 12 – Feb. 16 Or Feb. 23 – Mar. 30  Sign up here.

The Ab Fab Hoop Lab:  Great for intermediate and advanced hoopers!  Taught by Jenny Hill.  Jan. 12 – Feb. 16 or Feb. 23 – March 30  Sign up here.

Studio Spin

Hoop Fit: Great class for all levels!  Taught by Krystal Honey.   Tuesdays at 7:15pm starting January 1o.  Sign up here.

There, now you do not have any excuse to get to a hoop class if you live in Lancaster County, PA, USA.  If you have have always wanted to try hooping, NOW IS THE TIME.

I hope that you had a “hoopy” New Year!

Speaking of Hoopy New Year…..

I was at the Ephrata Rec Center on New Year’s Day to work out.  They were open for a little while, and Sam and I thought we’d go take advantage of that.  I did a Facebook Live video during that time, and you can watch it here.

That’s about it for now.  Hoopy New year!


Me hooping at the Ephrata Rec Center

Done with PT and Going Live

I am done with physical therapy (PT), and I feel pretty good!  On Sunday, I felt good enough to go the Ephrata Rec Center and hoop while Sam did his weight lifting, so I did.

Unfortunately, the gym was full of guys playing basketball, as one would expect in a gym.  Luckily, Jenny, who happened to be stationed at the front desk, said I could go into the assembly room and practice. I had a great space all to myself, and I had fun.

I noodled around for a bit, and decided to do something I had been toying with for a while; going on Facebook Live.  I had stuff with me to make a stable video, so I went for it.  I had a few likes and views!

I was able to upload the video on YouTube, so you can watch it there.  It’s pretty good, I guess, for a live video, but I want to share it with you.  I figured it was a good way to celebrate my recovery (I’m still not 100 percent, but I’m much better) and share my happiness with others.

Anyway, here’s the video.  It’s kinda long, but it’s fun and I’m having fun in it.

Pile o' hoops

Hooping it up at the Rec

I have been back to the Ephrata Rec Center a few times over the course of a few Sunday afternoons to hoop.  I know I haven’t been very post-y here lately, but I’ve been concentrating on getting back better, being bogged down at work, and just generally busy and going nuts.

Still, back to the Rec!  It’s been nice having at least part of the gym to myself for an hour on Sundays.  I did have some company one afternoon, as three young children came through to play as their dad did his work out.  The little girl in the trio was quite fascinated with my hooping, and at one point she waved to me.  I waved back.

In regards to my back and hooping, it had been getting worse, so I did have to go back to my doctor, and convinced my pain management doctor that some joint shots would be good.  My family doctor put me on prednisone…again….and increased another nerve medication drastically.  That pill has since kicked in, and I’m feeling a million times better than I did this time last week.  Yay!

So, that being said, I hope to get back to the Rec soon.  I heard rumors of hoop classes being held there in the winter, too, so keep an eye out here!

My as a crazy mad scientist. See my periodic table leggings?

This Past Weekend: I Hooped!

Photo by Sam Dixon

Yes, indeed!  I got to hoop this past weekend!  I know it’s Wednesday today, and we’re halfway to the next weekend, but I am pleased that I got hoop, and even give an impromptu performance!

Friday, the 28th, was Studio Spin’s annual Halloween party, and my husband Sam and I went.  He went as Preppy Bowie, complete with Aladdin Sane makeup, and I went as a crazy mad scientist, complete with periodic table leggings.  That’s what I wore in the above photo.

Party of the games we played at the party was to give an impromptu performance, which I did.  I asked for a hard song, and Rachel, the studio’s owner, gave me “Bad Girl” by Avril Lavigne.  Luckily, I had hoops with me, so I went to town!  It was fun, and it reminded me how much I love performing.

Overall, it was a fantastic party!

Sunday, I went to the Ephrata Rec Center for the first time with my new gym membership.  The Rec had finally processed it, and I took some hoops with me, and practiced in the gym, dodging balls from a game of kick ball and basketballs, but I had fun, even though Sam (he was lifting weights), told me about an empty class room that was open.  The door was open so I went in and had some fun, until two staff members came in and asked me to leave.  I explained how I got in there, but I had to relocate back to the gym.  Way to get in trouble your first day, Jenn.

As to hooping and my current physical therapy series, I did not do hoop moves that hurt.  Hip hooping hurt, as did leg hooping, so I avoided doing those moves. Once my sacrum is healed, I’ll be back doing all my moves.

So, yeah, that was my hoopy weekend!  I plan on going back to the Rec on Thursday, and again on Sunday to work out.  I’m looking forward to it!

Sacroiliac Joint Woes

Photo courtesy of You can learn more about sacroiliac joints and the pain it can cause here.

Yup, the sacroiliac (SI) joint in my right hip has flared up again.  Time to stretch and for prednisone for the inflammation, both of which I’m doing and have, courtesy of my doctor.  Yesterday was really bad. Today, actually, is better.

From what I have learned in the past, SI joint pain is most common in women because the joint is generally looser in our bodies.  Also, most women have it on their right side, as I do.

Believe it or not, I can still hoop during my recovery.  I just have to be careful how I stretch, and where I hoop.  Hip hooping is basically out for about a week or so, and like hip hooping.   Boo!  Also, since I am a left rotation dominant hooper, hooping to the right is my non-dominant current.  I’ll have to be careful doing that, too.

Class is tonight at the Ephrata Rec Center.  (Hey, you can still sign up!).  I’ll just have to take it easy, even though prednisone makes me feel like I can not only eat everything in sight, but also gives me a bit of an energy boost.

So, that’s where I’m at with my hooping and my latest health woes.



Hooping at the Rec

Hooping has come closer to home for me!  On Tuesday, the Ephrata Recreation Center in Ephrata, PA started with Jenny Hill a six week session of her “Hoop Yourself Fabulous” class series.  Hooping has come to the Rec!

It was a packed class, too.  In fact, so packed the Rec staff is going to start giving us a larger space to work with.  It’s great to see such enthusiasm for hooping in a new place.

The class also caught the attention of BRC TV Cable 11 News, a local cable station news show, who ran a segment about the class on their night edition of the news later that Tuesday evening.  Here it is!

Jenny also had me model a move to the new hoopers and explain it to them.  That was a big boost for me.

The Ephrata Rec Center is still accepting participants for the class, if you’re interested.  Sign up here.  You’ll have to scroll down to see it.

Saturday Hoop Demo Class

If you live in the Ephrata are and have been curious about hooping, Saturday, Feb 20th, is your chance! That’s THIS SATURDAY!!   Head on out out to the Ephrata Rec Center, 130 S. Academy Dr, Ephrata, PA  17522, and for $5, you can demo’s Jenny Hill’s “Hoop Yourself Fabulous” class.  I’ve taken this class before, and it’s great!

I know, I hear the excuses.  Stop listening to them, and register!  Call the Rec at 717-738-1167 to sign up.  Tell the excuses to stuff it, and have some fun.

I’ll be there, and I hope you will, too.

Upcoming Classes in Lancaster, PA Area

Interested in taking up hooping in the New Year?  Two classes, each taught by Jenny Hill, are being offered in the Lancaster, PA area.  Here they are and where you can take them.

Ab Fab Hoop LabStudio Spin at 211 N. Ann St., Lancaster, PA  17602 7:15pm Wednesdays, starting January 13, 2016.  Sign up on the website.

Hoop Yourself Fabulous Demo ClassEphrata Rec Center at 13 S. Academy Dr., Ephrata, PA 17522  One time class being offered 2-3pm Saturday, February 20, 2016.  Class is $5.00.  Call the Rec Center at 717-738-1167 to sign up.

Both classes are a great opportunity to get into hooping, and I hope those you in the areas of both places take the first step to try it out!