More Faerie Photos!

Ah, more photos of the Faerie FanFaire Festival!  Please, enjoy.  Thank you to Andrew Leibenguth of for the great photos!

faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-79 faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-80 faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-81 faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-82 faerie-fanfaire-festival-fairies-stonehedge-gardens-south-tamaqua-8-22-2015-83

Faerie FanFaire Festival in Stonehenge Gardens in Tamaqua, PA

It started out with a frantic call on Facebook.  A fellow hooper wasn’t able to be a the Faerie FanFaire Festival in Tamaqua, PA on Saturday, August 22, 2015….would someone be able to go for her?  Luckily, I had nothing going on Saturday, so I was able to fill in for my friend Cheryl at this event.

I had a wonderful time!  I met some great people and made new friends, such as Kelley from MirrorIrorriM.  (Go look at her wonderful crocheted creations!)  And, I want to thank all of you who stopped by, hooped with me, took my business card, and bought merchandise from me.

I didn’t get many, but here are a few photos from the day.

IMG_0043 IMG_0046 IMG_0047Thank you all for a lovely day!  It was gorgeous, weather-wise, and it was great to be a part of this wonderful event.

Return to Roots as a First-Timer

I went to Return to Roots Gathering for the first time this past weekend, just for the day.  I had a wonderful time!  It was like a flow arts haven there.  Located in Medford, NJ, I talked to a lot of people, took a lot of photos, and learned a lot about hooping.  I came back inspired and re-energized.

I’ve only just started posting photos.  You can take a look at what I have here on my photography site.  I did even post one video featuring choreography that we did a part of workshop.

I would love to return to Return to Roots not just for one day next year, but for the entire weekend.  There seemed to be some wonderful things, such as dancing and music, in the evenings.  I want to experience that.  Time to plan ahead!