Rusty Gears in a Junkyard. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

Time to Brush Off the Rust

I haven’t been hooping much lately, but as the weather was nice yesterday, I got out over my lunch hour and hooped a little bit.  It felt great.

I am rusty, and it’s time to brush off the rust and get moving again.  With that being said, there are a few opportunities coming up that I plan on taking advantage of.

One of the reasons I haven’t been hooping much is that there hasn’t been any classes I could attend lately.  Ah!  Studio Spin is going to be having a hoop choreography series starting next Wednesday, May 24, 2017. I am going to be there.  It’s a five week class, and it day and time works out great for me.  Why not learn more and sign up?

Secondly, Open Streets Lancaster is going to be happening on May 21 and 22.  I might be going to Sunday, as the Circus School of Lancaster will be there.  I’ll be in the city anyway that day, so I might take some hoops and have some fun.

So, that’s what’s happening in the hoop world in Lancaster County, PA, USA.


I looked down at the scale the other day.  I was finally past a number that I had been at a plateau with for quite a while.  All the calorie counting, walking on work breaks, and hard work hooping is toning me up and helping me lose some pounds. Payoff!

I have been noticing a few toning changes in my body.  My arms look leaner and stronger.  My legs are leaner and you can see the muscles.  My core muscles seem more stable, too.  And for someone like me who has back problems, that’s a plus!

During class yesterday, Jenny has me working on footwork and incorporating a lot more dance elements in my hooping.  Yesterday, she had me exploring arm work above my shoulders and head.  I tend to flow with my arms around shoulder height, and she is teaching me to explore other parts of arm work.  “You will sweat,” she said.  And she was right.

I had sort of a crappy day yesterday, so I was looking for some exercise endorphins to help lift my mood a little bit.  It did.  I’m glad I went to class.

I’m finally seeing some payoff!  It’s given me a little extra motivation to work a little harder at what I’m doing.  Perhaps I will get more results, and the thought of that is exciting!