Me hooping at work

International Fun-At-Work Day

It’s International Fun-At-Work Day!  Since I keep hoops at work in case of nice weather and a chance to hoop over lunch, I decided to have fun actually at work for a few moments while my co-worker Heather took a few photos of me.

Another one of me hooping at work

What can you do to have fun at work today?  After all, it IS Friday.  Get ready for the weekend.  Cut loose over your lunch hour.  Do something out of the ordinary with your co-workers.  Have fun at work!Last one of me hooping at work

Hooping at Work

At least for now, the weather has been nice in my area. I always wished I had hoops at work so I could go outside on breaks and noodle around in the park right outside my building.

I did that last week.

I brought in three hoops to hoop with while at work.  I’ve been out a couple of times in the park over my lunch break.  Sometimes, I’ll take a change of clothing, depending on how hard I want to hoop or if it’s hot.

I’m so glad I did this!  It’s great to have a way to get some light exercise in and blow off some steam in between long stretches of sitting at a computer.

I’ve gotten some weird looks and I’m sure comments, but I’m generally in my own world because I have earbuds in and music on my phone.  I do have audiences sometime, generally people who work in the building, and some of the homeless gentlemen in the park watch, as well.  I don’t mind.

I may look funny as I dance to music no one else can hear.  Eh, then I look funny. 🙂  I’m glad I am now hooping at work.  It feels so good to have the option to hoop on my own time midday.