Social Circus Day 2016

The Circus Needs YOU!

The Circus School of Lancaster just launched their Indiegogo campaign, and the circus needs YOU.  Your help, that is.  A small donation will go a long way in helping getting this great project off the ground.

Oh, and they made the Lancaster newspaper today, too.  You can read and learn more about this school and its founders online.

Pass this along to your friends and family, especially those into flow arts.  We need to support each other!


Jenntober aka It’s My Birthday aka Donate to a Worthy Cause

It’s my birthday!  I want to share a special project with you.

My good friend and teacher Jenny Hill will be venturing into the Thailand next year to bring circus hoopiness to refugee children.  Please take a look at their Indiegogo campaign.  it doesn’t take much to make a difference!  If you would help me celebrate my birthday by donating to the Spark Circus, I would be very happy.