Penn Square in Lancaster, PA, USA at Christmas.

First Friday with Lancaster Flow Arts

Some of us from the Lancaster Flow Arts Facebook group got together and decided to have some LED fun during Friday in Lancaster, PA, USA, on December 2, 2016.  It was pretty chilly, but once we got moving, we warmed up.

The funny thing is, I had four lumbar injections in my lower back the previous Wednesday, so I couldn’t take m LED hoop out there and play because I was under a “no strenuous exercise” limitation from my pain doctor.  I initially wasn’t going to go, but was talked into hanging out, BUT…..I remembered I had another flow toy that would allow me to participate in the action;  LED flow gloves.

I had gotten them for $10.99 at Crystal Caverns in Berks County, PA about two years ago at the urging of two friends, and never had used them.  I dug the out of my costume drawer, tested them out, and WOW, they rocked.  (You can get a similar pair here for a similar price on Amazon, if you so desire.)

I could participate!

We met in Binn’s Park in downtown Lancaster.  Chris W., who spins poi, and Hilary came, and brought music.  Chris and I flowed, more like I waved around my hands, and Hilary held Nora, her and Chris’ super cute baby daughter.  Here they are below.

Hilary and baby Nora

After a few minutes, Chris T. and Kelley came.  Chris, with his poi, and Kelley had an LED flow wand, which rocked.  Let’s face it, all LED toys rock in their own way.

So, let’s see, we had two glowing poi spinners, a girl levitating a smart wand, and someone waving their hands with lit up fingers.  We actually attracted quite a bit of attention from passers-by.  Some people even stopped to you take video of the action.  (If you did, and you’re reading this, we want to see it!  Link your video in the comments!  Seriously!)

A group of kids across the street were fascinated with what we were doing, and eventually came over to us.  Chris T. and Chris W. let them test out test out some of the poi.

Kids testing out poi in Lancaster, PA, USA.

How cool!  And, kids, if you’re reading this, here’s how you make your own poi.

After our stint at Binn’s Park, we moved to the Abstract Fountain across the street from the Lancaster Marriott hotel.  We didn’t get as much attention over there, and it was cold.

Beer time!

Here are a few more photos of the fun before I wrap up.

Chris Tamburro and his LED Poi

Chris Wennerstrom in a cool poi pic

Kelley and her LED levitation wand.

All in all, don’t let the winter chill keep you inside when it comes to flow arts.  There are different ways you can get out and share your love of flow arts.