Photo by Ross Sieber

Hoop Photos by Ross Sieber

Many of you know I am also a photographer, but I also like to ham it up in front of the camera, too, especially when I have some hoops with me.  That’s just what I did at a recent Omni Lens Studios cosplay photography event.  I didn’t go as anyone in particular, and I took a few photos, but Ross Sieber of Photography by Ross Sieber took a few photos of me with my hoop, such as the one above here.

Here are the other two shots that really stood out to me.

Photo by Ross Sieber


Photo by Ross Sieber


Make sure you head on over to Ross’ website and see the other great photos he took, too!


Hooping with Photographers

What happens you bring a bunch hoops along to a group photographers?  Pretty much what you’d expect; people want to try it!

On Saturday, the photo meetup I belong to had a “Proud to be in America” party for a French family that just received their green cards.  Yay!  Congrats, Benôit, Delphine, and Breànne!

Of course, a picnic is a great excuse to being hoops, which I did.  I packed up a few along with my camera and headed out to Overlook Park in Manheim Township, PA, USA.  There were plenty of great photos, a lot of great conversation, and tons of fun!

The hoops were were a hit.  I got them out and started hooping, and people immediately wanted to try it.  Oh, and once again, I hardly have any photos of myself hooping, obviously because I’m not going to use a DSLR camera while hooping, but some friends DID get some great shot.  Here they are!

Me hooping. Photo by Benôit Barbé.

Photo by Benoît Barbé

The lady in the background is Diane, and she had fun hooping, too.  I actually took this shot of her below.

Diane hooping

Lastly, the photo was taken by Sally, who did a fantastic job organizing the picnic!

Hooping at a picnic. Photo by Sally Crill-Denlinger

Photo by Sally Crill-Denlinger

If you are interested in the other non-hooping photos I took at the picnic, head on over to my photography portfolio and check them out!

Oh, and Benôit is pretty awesome with some flow arts stuff, too.  Check him out using a diablo!

Benôit and his diablo.



Photo Shoot Fun!

It snowed here on Saturday, the day of my photo shoot with Ava Dae Photography.  I think we got a couple of inches here.  Yuck!  Still, the roads were only wet, really, so I packed up my costume and hoops and headed out to Bucks County for my photo shot with Melissa Charry of Ava Dae Photography.  Simply put, I had a great day.

After I hopped off the PA Turnpike and drove though the winding, yet busy, roads of eastern Pennsylvania, I came to this beautiful old farm house, complete with ponds and chickens.  This is was were the studio the photographer rented was.  It was a gorgeous location.

I got there, and was greeted by Melissa.  We chatted, and she told me what to expect from the shoot, and such, as she set up her equipment.  A few minutes later, Claire Marie, the hair and makeup artist who did the outstanding work above, came and gave me my look for the day’s shoot.

After I put my costume on after hair and makeup, I got on the backdrop and started to hoop while Melissa took photos.  I had two single hoops that make for great photos, my LED hoop for some fun shots, as well as a shiny set of doubles that Jenny gave me.  Overall, I think Melissa said she took over 800 photos!

My overall sum of the experience.  It was wonderful.  I had a great time!  I got to work with two fantastic and professional women who had a lot of experience with this type of photography.  I am so glad I won this photo shoot!

I would like to do another shoot with them in the future, actually.  I have some vintage stuff that would make for some fun photos.  Being a model like this is addicting!

It’s going to take Melissa some time get the photos ready for viewing, and I won’t be posting any until both she and I approve the final ones.  No worries, though, you will be seeing the best of the bunch!

I recommend working with Ava Dae Photography.  I know it’s a drive for many of us here in Lancaster County, but it’s well worth it!

Hooping At French Creek State Park

Here in PA, fall colors are are their peak.  I was a French Creek State Park on Sunday for a photography group meetup, and decided to take my collapsible hoop along.

The hoop got some strange looks from my photography colleagues, since when it’s collapsed into its figure eight, it looks like two rings.  People thought they were commitment rings, Indian rituals rings, stuff like that.  Sorry, it’s just a hula hoop.

I took some photos of myself hooping, and above is the best one.  I still haven’t mastered the action self-portrait, but I’m getting better.

Want to see some more of my non-hooping fall photos?  Take a look over here.