My own backyard!

My Own Yard To Hoop In!

See that photo up there?  That’s the backyard of the house I just bought with my husband, Sam!  I officially have my own backyard to hoop in!

We bought a nice little house last Friday, which is one of the reasons why posts have been scant here lately.  I’ve been overwhelmed and busy, so blogging had to take sort of a backseat to other stuff.

But, yeah, we’re now homeowners, and have our own backyard to do stuff in.  Eventually, we’ll get a fence.  This is exciting stuff!

On the hooping front, I’ve got circus style class tonight, and the recital on Saturday.  Yikes!  Tickets are only $7.00, and you should totally come.


MUSE: Black and Holes and Revelations cover

Recital Preparation: Chasing Starlight

Ack!  The Studio Spin Student Recital and Instructor Showcase is August 6, 2016!  I’ve got a lot of work to do between now and then.

Actually, I have been working on my piece.  I decided for my music, I am going to hoop to the song “Starlight” by one of my favorite bands, MUSE.  It’s off their album Black Holes and Revelations, and which a fantastic piece of work, so you should check it out.

I’m glad I picked a song I know really really well this time, and one that I really really like.  It’s a song that easily broken down into defined sections that can be choreographed quite easily.

I worked on my routine last night in the backyard.  It was still hot as blazes in the evening, and tonight isn’t supposed to be much better, but I will still get outside and give it a few runs.  I even made a new grippy hoop with engineering grade reflective tape.  I hope it looks great when it perform!

Since I love MUSE, and I want you to discover them, too, I made this handy dandy Spotify playlist that you check out some of my favorites, and a good sampling of what they are about.

Happy listening!!