Collage of the performers of the Burning Hearts Fire and Lights Theater

Flow Arts at the Reading Fire + Ice Fest

On Saturday, January 14, 2017 I was at the Reading Fire + Ice Fest with Joan in Reading, PA.  This is the third time we’ve been to the event, and it’s gets better every year.  The weather was sort of crappy with a slight drizzle of rain, but it was decent enough for some really cool (hehe) ice carvings and some really hot (ha) fire performances by some awesomely talented flow arts.

First, we caught one of Madeleine Belle’s sets.  A usual, she is mesmerizing at what she does, and this year donned a really cool fire wick headpiece.

Madeleine Bell at the Reading

Here are some other cool shots from her performance, including some really stunning fire breathing!  Joan also took some video of her act for BCTV on their YouTube page.

Madeleine Belle at the Reading Fire + Ice Fest 2017Madeleine Belle breathing fire!Madeleine Belle with fire fans

The Burning Hearts Fire & Lights Theater from Allentown, PA were also in attendance to put on a show featuring different members of the troupe.  There were poi and hoop performances, such as with poi, hoops, and a contact staff, and there were some cool stick manipulations, too!  You’ll see in the photos below.  Each act did a great job!

So, yeah, it was so cool to see people doing what I love to do, only with fire.  I’m still chicken to try hooping with fire, but I probably will take a big gulp of air and try it one day.