World Hoop Day Dance 2015 Compliation Video

I almost forgot!  Here’s the video Spin Matsuri compiled from all the video that was sent to her of dancers all over the world performing her choreography.  This was why I was purple one Sunday.  Here’s the video.  Look for us!

This was fun to be a part of, and it was neat to see others interpretation of this dance, too.  We all did awesome!

World Hoop Day Dance Video Shoot

See me here?  Yes, I’m purple.

Rebekah, Jenny, and I got together and did a video for the World Hoop Day Dance, which I will link here once the compilation has been complete.  Rebekah, who is an accomplished face painting artist, colored me purple and Jenny rainbow.  Jenny painted Rebekah pink.  As someone said, we looked like a batch of Skittles.

We had a lot of fun putting this together.  Once the filming was complete, we took some photo, and got something to drink, and jumped on Rebekah’s trampoline.  It quite a fun and unique way to spend a Sunday morning!

Keep an eye out here for the World Hoop Day Dance Compilation Video once it has been released.