Hannah the English Springer Spaniel. Photo by Sam Dixon.

Flooded Out

I was in the Outer Banks last week, and only got to hoop on one day.  There was a lot of pre-Hurricane Matthew flooding (luckily we missed that), and it was either raining or my back was out of whack during the rest of them.  I did get to hoop on Sunday, the 2nd, the day after World Hoop Day.

I haven’t gotten around to editing my own pictures from the OBX, so I am using one of my husband’s.  This is Hannah, and English springer spaniel he met on the beach near the house we were staying in.  She is eight, and this was her first time on the beach.  She loved it.

There have been a few factors as to why I haven’t been hooping that much lately.  First off, my back has been bothering me.  Hooping doesn’t really exacerbate it, but it’s just more of a motivating factor as to whether hoop or not.  I did start physical therapy this morning, and the therapist I’m working with didn’t say not to do it when I told him about hooping.

Second, I have been sort of burned out with hooping.  I had been pushing so hard with the recital back in August, moving, and practicing, I just needed a break.  It made me a little sad to take a break, but the good news is that I’m ready to get back into the swing of things when Studio Spin offers their next hooping series.

Well, I guess those are the only two reasons really. A third would be that I was so involved with moving I sort of ran out of time to practice and hoop for fun.  I need to do that again.

Back to that one day of hooping in the OBX….it WAS fun.  I listened to some good music on my earbuds and danced.  I hooped.  It was awesome.

So, that’s what’s up with me.  I hope to share more hooping stuff here soon again, as well as update more regularly.

World Hoop Day Dance Video Shoot

See me here?  Yes, I’m purple.

Rebekah, Jenny, and I got together and did a video for the World Hoop Day Dance, which I will link here once the compilation has been complete.  Rebekah, who is an accomplished face painting artist, colored me purple and Jenny rainbow.  Jenny painted Rebekah pink.  As someone said, we looked like a batch of Skittles.

We had a lot of fun putting this together.  Once the filming was complete, we took some photo, and got something to drink, and jumped on Rebekah’s trampoline.  It quite a fun and unique way to spend a Sunday morning!

Keep an eye out here for the World Hoop Day Dance Compilation Video once it has been released.

World Hoop Day: How it Went

The World Hoop Day Variety Show and Playshop combo was awesome!  We had a modest audience for the show, which I understand from the theater’s manager, Terry, was pretty good for the first year an event like this happens.  The show itself went beautifully.

For my act, I hooped to “Shut Up and Dance (With Me)” by Walk the Moon.  At one point I went down into the audience to have someone come up on stage and, well, dance with me.  No takers from the adults or the kids, BUT….one woman got up on stage with me after I was back on it.  She danced with me.  Whoever you are, ma’am, thank you.

The playshop rocked, too.  We not only had kids make hoops, but we didn’t realized that the parents did, too!  How cool is that?!  We had plenty of hoops and supplies for hoop making.  You can see me way in the back in the photo helping with extra shiny tape and such.  Afterwards, we had two epic games:  thread the needle and hoopscotch.  Then, the four of us who performed went around and showed people tricks and techniques you can do with hoops.

It was a great morning.  I was ready for lunch when I go home.  Next year, you do need to come out.  Put it on your calendar.  The first Saturday in October.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing this again.

Are You Ready?!

Are YOU ready for World Hoop Day (WHD)?  I am!

Want to celebrate?  Check this listing for events near you, or go on Facebook.

If you are in the Ephrata area, please don’t forget to come our World Hoop Day Variety Show and Playshop happening tomorrow at the Ephrata Main Theatre.  Details here!!

whd flyer

To get you excited, here is my own WHD video from last year.

Hope to see you at the show, or participating in your own communities!

World Hoop Day Variety Show and Playshop

Come on out to the Ephrata Main Theatre in Ephrata, PA for the World Hoop Day Variety Show and Playshop!

When:  October 3, 2015 at 10AM

Where:  Ephrata Main Theatre

Who:  YOU!  The show is open to the public!  The playshop is for children 6+.  Register here: http://cafeworldhulahoop.bpt.me/

Cost:  Free!

Learn more about the event here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1502776613367931/

I will be performing, as well as Jenny Hill of Acts of Jennius, Autumn Cornell, and Chris Tamburro.  You will not want to miss this show!

World Hoop Day 2015

I know we are creeping into mid-September, but I want to remind you that October 3, 2015 is World Hoop Day!  All over the world, people will be donating hoops and time to kids all over the world.

There are events happening all over the world, and there are probably some happening in your area.  If there aren’t any, why not start one?  Find out how by hopping on over the World Hoop Day website.

Also, there’s a wonderful hoop dance choreography you can learn here to participate.  Read the page to see how you can submit a video to show off your skills.

For social media savvy types, World Hoop Day can also observed and celebrated on Instagram.  Use the hashtags #WHD2015 and #WorldHoopDay to show off your photos and videos.  You can also follow World Hoop Day’s account on Instagram @worldhoopday.

I really hope you decide to participate.  World Hoop Day is special to me because that’s right about when I started hooping, and that’s been almost two years now.  Why not make it special for yourself and spread it to others?